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  • We're up an running!
    (13 September 2008)
    This is our first day on the net and I'm very excited about it. God knows how long it will take for Google to index the entire website, due the fact t...
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Compare prices at shopping directory

This is not an online shop and no one here will try to rip you off. Instead we aggregate many other online stores, building a shopping directory and making it easy for shoppers to compare products, prices and shop according to their needs and desires.

We already have hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of products ready to be evaluated by you and ... why not bought? We wish you a pleasant trip through our pages filled with shopping temptations.

We think it's a good idea to have as many online stores as we can together, so you can compare prices. A good idea would be to just search our website for the product you're looking for, that if you don't mind browsing through the categories and a swarm of products. It is a quite big shopping directory here.

Reasons Why to Use

  1. We will SAVE YOU TIME. We give you fast and easy access to ALL the top High-Street retailers and a large number of reputable Internet shops.
  2. We will SAVE YOU MONEY. We often receive exclusive offers which we will pass on to YOU. You can for example make savings at Dreamgirl by using their discount vouchers. This means you can save money by linking through from our site.
  3. We put YOU IN CONTROL. We give you access to ALL the top retailers within each category. You can easily compare prices and service. (Side note. Most price comparison sites only work with a limited number of merchants - this means you are not always guaranteed they'll find the cheapest offer around - it pays off to take control yourself!)
  4. is completely FREE to use. No need to register.
  5. We only list QUALITY sites. We don't accept payments to get listed. So, we decide who gets listed on this site. Quality vs. Quantity.
  6. Worried about security? All the shopping sites listed here use secure ordering systems.
  7. We are only focussed on the US market. We feel this gives you the best local service.
  8. Our site is fast-loading and easy to use. And ... are you fed-up with pop-up windows? So are we. We don't use them!
  9. We listen to you. And, we will remove any sites which our customers have made valid complaints about.